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10 Meter Rifle Match Report

January 16th, 2015




We had a light turnout with 7 shooters that participated in the 10 Meter Rifle match Jan. 16, 2015.  We know there were shooters that wanted to shoot the Inaugural FT match the following morning.  Some could not do both events.  Thus a light turnout.  Just shows we don't lack for airgun events.  The match ran one very casual relay of 6 rounds.  A 60 shot match.  The match started about 6:00 pm and ended about 7:30 pm.  All had a great time.


A typical match is seperated into two classes, STANDARD CLASS ( 18 yrs. and older ) and JUNIORS ( 17 and younger ).  Standard class shoot 2 shots per target.  Five targets per round.  Toyal 10 shots per 10 minute round.  Six rounds for a 60 shot match.  Juniors shoot 1 shot per target.  10 targets per 10 minute round.  This format works best for juniors as they prepare for major sanctioned matches.


For first place in the standard class was Allen Surratt with 495. Second place in standard class went to Andy Picard with 436.  Third place in standard class went to Barry Jacobs with 394.  A great evening of shooting and personal achievements.  Congratulations to all the shooters.  Thanks to all that participated and helped clean up.




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