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10 Meter Rifle Match Report

February 13th, 2015




We had a good turnout with 12 shooters that participated in the 10 Meter Rifle match on Feb. 13, 2015.  We ran two relays.  The match started about 6:15 pm and ended about 7:50 pm.  The pre-meeting brought forth suggestions to try new classes.  So, two new classes were initiated.  That being 'Off hand sitting' and ' Bench-rest'.  The ' Off hand sitting' class is self explanatory.  The rule for ' Bench-rest' different from Sitting off Hand is only your elbow can touch the bench while shouldering your rifle.  The comments about the new classes at the award meeting after the match was very favorable.  Shooting 'Bench-rest' style proved to be surprisingly challenging.  As you will see in the report only one shooter came close to a perfect 600.  I think this will be a challenge for some time to come.  All had a great time.


Please note the score are shown decimaly.  Thus, no X's.  For first place in the Off-hand standing class was Mark Bouchard with 474.6.  Second place went to Cole Sorensen with 433.7.  Third place went to Barry Jacobs with 423.7.  First place Off-hand sitting was Phil Archdale with 364.9.  First place in the Bench-rest class was Allen Surratt with a whopping 596.6 of 600.  Awesome shooting.  Second place went to Ray Perron with 564.6.  Third place wnt to John lenio with 515.5.  A great evening og shooting and personal achievements.  Congratulations to all the shooters.  Thanks to all that participated and helped clean up. 




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