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10 Meter Rifle Match Report

August 15th, 2014




A fantastic first time 10 Meter Rifle match on Aug 15, 2014 had 11 shooters. Shooters from Sun City and the our own Junior Division participated. Ran two relays of 6 rounds. A 60 shot match. The match started about 6:00 pm and ended about 8:00 pm. 


The match is separated into two classes, STANDARD CLASS ( 18 yrs and older )  and JUNIORS ( 17 and younger ). The Standard class used 10 meter pistol targets for this match. Beginning next match the Standard class will be using 10 meter rifle targets. After the match all the participants suggested using 10 Meter Rifle targets like the Juniors. Never though I'd see the adults ( Standard class ) follow the juniors. I guess the pressure from the Junior class was more then the Standard class could take. Ha! 


That being said our junior shooter, Sonora Wirtjes honored us by participating. I heard she is 59th in the country for her class in 10 Meter Rifle. I think I can say for all of us adult shooters we want to support her and the junior team all the way to the Olympics. When you review the match data attached you can see why. Sonora was very helpful answering questions and inspiring to us all. This had to be one of those rare times when adults take advise from a junior. Hmm. 


So, on with the match results. All scores for the match were electronically scored. Also, I want to thank Bob Taylor for his scoring assistance and expertise. For first place in the Standard class was Mark Bouchard with 580. I must say Mark did quite will considering the spread between first and second. For second place in standard class was Allen Surratt with 567. Also a very respectable score. Third place in standard class went to Ray Perron with 549. Keep in mind that these scores are based the 10 meter pistol targets used. Sonora Wirtjes represented the Junior class. She used 10 meter rifle targets. The same targets Juniors use in major competition. You may notice that in the data she got 60 x's. This is true for pistol targets without question. Even with 10 meter rifle targets she hit the center every time. However, scoring is far more critical. If Sonora would have shot at pistol targets she would have easily scored a perfect 600 with all x's. So, I believe her score in the junior class would be considered very respectable.        


A great evening of shooting and personal achievements. Congratulations to all the shooters.  All in all a great first time match.Thanks to all that participated and helped clean up.


 Also, for the next match if you have any air guns, accessories, etc. that you would want to sell bring them. Please limit items related to air guns only. 


Just a reminder for Friday night matches, please try to sign in no later than 5:45 pm to allow sufficient time to prepare targets and labels for electronic scoring.




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