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The Sonoran Desert Grand Prix
Field Target

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2024 Schedule

Friday, MARCH 1st:

Check-in, Sight-in, and SWAG pick-up  1100-1700

Saturday, MARCH 2nd:

Sight-in and Registration: 0700-0830

Group Picture 0830

Safety and Match Brief: 0830

Match Start: 0900

Lunch: After Match

Sunday, MARCH 3rd:

Sight-in: 0700-0830

Safety and Match Brief: 0830

Match Start: 0900

Awards Ceremony: After Match 

Rifle Field Target:

Saturday and Sunday

Main Course

25 Lanes

2 Targets per lane, totaling 50 Targets

50 Shots per day

Rinse, repeat 

Max 3 Shooters per squad

This will be a WFTF style course.  One Shot per target, per day! 

(Of course, all classes welcome. This just means we are doing one shot per target instead of two.)

Per popular request, to provide Worlds simulation and training opportunities.


Competitor Classes:



Open PCP & Spring

Hunter PCP & Spring

WFTF PCP & Spring



Medals will be presented, placement- 1st to 3rd in all classes. No consolidation.

Match Details

Forced Positions: There will be lanes meeting the World Standard (and AAFTA, of course) for standing and kneeling lanes for each day.  Probability: Four shots standing, and six shots kneeling.

Shooting order:  There will be two targets per lane. One Shot per target.  The shooting order is LEFT TO RIGHT.

Timers:  You'll have THREE (3) minutes total to shoot each of the two targets once per lane.  Timers are mandatory per AAFTA.    

Range Safety Highlights


You MUST wear Safety Glasses AT ALL TIMES WHILE ON THE RANGE.  This is a range requirement and is non negotiable.  Hearing protection is optional.

There is a limited supply at the main office for purchase, but no guarantee. Bring your own.

Your airgun MUST have an Empty Breech Indicator in place at all times your rifle is not shouldered and pointed down range.  We will provide them for you, or you can bring your own.   We take safety VERY seriously here at this range. Infractions may lead to your disqualification.   Unsportsmanlike behavior is absolutely not accepted. You will be asked to leave if you behave in a disruptive manner.  All safety decisions are final that are made by the Match Director.  You are responsible to review the Rio Salado Safety Rules listed in the Terms on the registration form.  You will be held accountable for these rules.   We will discuss this again at all the safety briefings.

For Springer rifles, there are different ways to demonstrate a safe rifle on the range. For break-barrels, cracking the barrel is acceptable.  Casing a rifle is another form of safety indication. For under/side-lever rifles, inserting a wooden dowel or safety cord through the barrel is acceptable. Your rifle is not to be cocked in order to be compliant.



There will be restrooms located inside the airgun building.



We will have two club air tanks available. We'll fill your tanks for you for free. Make sure they are hydro'ed within 5 years and the tank is not older than 15 years (range rules).  

Bum-bag Fill

Sorry we do not have any bum-bag fill available to loan. We recommend visiting Michael's, or Hobby Lobby here in town if you need it. Shooters have reported that if you carry on your bag on the airlines and describe it as a "personal pillow", this potentially can be done without extra penalty.




Yup!  More info TBA



We will be serving a fine lunch on Saturday, subject to any possible restrictions. 



Click the red button at the top of the page to fill out form.

Entry fee is $125

Registration Deadline for swag is TBA, so register asap 


We understand finding accommodations this time of year is difficult if not made early.  There may be some space available at the range for dry camping. Email us with your number if you are interested. 


Hotels/Condos/Cabins Nearby:  (only 13 minutes away from range)

Also check out:

RV/Camping/rental:   (across from range)  (available only on a Fri, Sat, Sun)

If you are ok with dry camping, and are willing to volunteer for the match, there may be free space available at the range itself. Email me your phone number so we can chat about it, if you are interested.


Small-Bore Range will be available for sight-in all day on Friday, and in the mornings on Saturday and Sunday. After-match sight-in may be available depending of staffing availability.    Air is available.

Registration List

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