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  Benchrest Match Report

August 1st, 2015




Great Shooting day!  We had 29 shooters for 25m, and 10 shooters for 100m big bore. 


The day started out bright and early at 7am, registration closed at 7:30, and we were off and running at about 0830 after all the targets were labeled and distributed. After the three card match was complete a little after 10am, the results were available shortly afterward.  Six classes were shot: LV HV HY OP UN SP.  All with a great representation.  


Then afterward, we set the range up for our Big Bore 100m competition. We have made it official, the "Phoenix" target will be used henceforth.  This is what we will adopt as our standard.  We are interested in hearing from other clubs that are interested in adopting big bore 100m into their activities. We are looking to standardize a nationwide set of rules, since it is becoming abundantly clear that this will be the new frontier of airgun benchrest.   If you are a match director and would like to contribute to this discussion, please email us. 


The new year has plans in place for airgun venues to take place every weekend of the month. Whether it will be benchrest, silo, field target, 10m, pistol, and soon introducing indoor benchrest (in the new Airgun Center at the range) to add to the line up. Indoor BR might be held more than once a month, we'll see.  


Thank you goes out to Cole, Bob, Greg for assisting with the scoring and target prep.  Without your help, things wouldn't be as efficient. And ... Dave, as always!

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