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 Field Target Match Report

November 14th, 2015






The morning started bright and early at 6am for the set up crew getting things ready. Since the Western States Championship was going on, the only place to sight in was on the Main Range. They were kind enough to reserve a section to the side for us.  We brought out our newly constructed FT sighter targets, which helped folks sight in. 

As 0930 rolled around, we had seven shooters sign up and just about as many onlookers checking out the sport. The weather was absolutely perfect! The winds were near dead calm most of the morning. 

There were 10 lanes set up with two targets per lane for a total of 40 shots.  There were no forced positions. Strong turnout for the springers. 

We had a tie of 33 in the end between Mark and Garrett for first place in Open. Garrett cinched the win after a shoot out of a 3/8” hole at 35 yards. It was best of three, and Garrett won by a single knockdown. William came in strong in Hunter spring with a 29 with his new AA TX200.  Wayne Reynolds  took Hunter class with a 32

Thanks to everyone for helping clean the course. No troyer factor this time, since the course was cleaned so quickly after the match. See you next month!!!










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