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 Field Target Match Report

April 18th, 2015




Sunrise came a bit early and so did the match director to set out targets. A couple of shooters- Chuck, Rick, and David came out a bit after seven to help get the rest of the targets and tents erected. It turns out we did start on time according to schedule at 0930.  This month we had a fairly small turn out of only eight shooters.  Our silhouette match was scheduled at one, which caused many of shooters to have to make a decision on which match to shoot.  We will be addressing this.

There were three pistol shooters, one hunter springer, one hunter PCP, and three Open PCPs.  As always, the pistol shooters are only shooting the 10m targets, hence the higher scores.  The big competition came between the Open shooters, between Mark, Garrett, and Carl. After a weak start, Garrett was able to cinch the win with a score of 33. Mark K. ran strong out of the gate, but missed out on four shots in a row clinching third place near the end behind Doc.  Doc reported he had one of his best shoots ever, he was saying that this was his first “perfect” shoot for him with every shot being technically set up methodically just right, but the execution of some were slightly off target.  Keyon was our only junior shooter. He shot with his dad for some great bonding.  Thanks to all who helped clean up.  

For this match, we erected five tents, and had chairs at each station. This came back with lots of positive feedback.  The shade was a welcome reprieve, and the chairs came in handy for the non-hunter folks.  

The shoot was a relaxing morning for all.  Field target has shown to sure have a different cadence than most of the other matches, which makes it a great change.  

We were able to use a range cart from the practical pistol folks.  Many thanks to them.


Until next time.








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