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Airgun Building Fundraiser

In the last several months we have seen the progression of the "airgun" (it's really called the Multi-Purpose Education Center, for PR reasons) building. We all know that there are alot of items that we would like to have built in to support all the airgun shooting. With these wishes comes expense. Rio Salado would like to see contributions made by the divisions that will be using the building the most for their activities. Therefore, we have started a fundraiser to contribute monies to this new building, and contribute a small percentage showing our efforts to the major funding that will be provided by Rio.

So, during the month of January, we will be asking at all of our matches, if you are interested in donating to the building fund. Donations greater than $100 will recieve a plaque in the new building. However ANY amount is appreciated! So please bring your extra few dollars laying around for a contribution!

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