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Air Compressor Donation

Recently you have heard some talk about us wanting to buy an air compressor to keep at the range. Well, after some serious discussions about our needs, we have been patient, and partnered with Airguns of Arizona and landed on the damn near the best compressor in the world.

Robert Buchanan, of Airguns of Arizona, has worked with the owners of Daystate Inc. on offering to contribute and donate a major portion of the cost, raging near the $10,000-$15,000 mark.

The capabilities of this compressor have demonstrated that it can handle multiple tanks at the same time, repeatedly easily up to the 4500 psi mark, all within minutes! It is near silent. you can carry on a normal conversation right next to it while it is compressing. It's quieter than a washing machine on spin cycle!

The installation date is TBD.

This incredible compressor will handle all the needs of all the airgun shooters at Rio Salado for many, many years to come.

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