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New Dedicated Monthly 50 Yard Benchrest Events

We are proud to announce our sixth monthly air rifle event here at Rio Salado.

(At this point most of you are quietly counting all the events in your head)

We are introducing a dedicated 50 Yard Benchrest match to our monthly arsenal of events starting in February.

It will be held on Sundays, since the Rio calendar is so jam-packed. We are lucky to secure this coveted weekend day on a monthly basis.

Andy Picard has stepped up and will be the Match Director for this event!

Please welcome him to this new responsibility!

The inaugural match will be February 21st on the Small Bore Range.

Be sure to check back on the website for times and more details as they develop. Also, remember the targets are slightly different than the 25m., so go to the Target page on our website to download and practice.

This will be open to 177, 20, and 22 cal. All the classes are the same as the 25m matches you are already used to.


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