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Phoenix Airgun Club Snubs USARB Class Changes

News: The USARB has eliminated the Hybrid and Production Class. Although, we never really had a demand for Production, we do have a Hybrid following. As of this match, we at this club will integrate all electronic-component rifles into their power level equitable classes. They will compete alongside their manual counterparts. Or if you choose, the Unlimited class still exists. You may compete in that class if desired.

We at this range are progressive in our inclusion, and you will not be excluded based on the poor foresight and statistically unsubstantiated decisions made by the World and National organizations to exclude electronic components.

It has also been announced that the Spring Class is still under a "trial basis". We are proud to have the strong representation of springers at our range, which on a monthly basis, even exceed in numbers what many other benchrest clubs in the country shoot in their entirety. So, don't worry, that won't go away here either.

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