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We are adding a 75 yard Benchrest match!

Here we go again! We are adding to our monthly airgun match line up!

Due to the interest in longer distances, and the bigger bore airguns, we are expanding our long distance match lineup.

Beginning this month, on the weekends where we shoot the 50 yard matches, we will also be shooting 75 yards. Starting this Sunday, you have the option to either shoot 50 or 75, rather than one after the other. This is due to the warming temps later in the afternoon. If the interest is so overwhelming, I am sure we can talk Andy into holding them separately throughout the summer months. In the late summer, when it cools a bit, they'll be separate.

This will bring our monthly airgun matches up to 11 here at the range. Wow.

Moss doesn't grow on a rolling stone.


Ok folks here we go! Looks like we are in for a warm one for this Sunday's 50 yard air rifle bench rest match. However you will have a choice this weekend to shoot the 50 yard match or the 75 yard match. Yes, that's right, 75 yards!!!!!! This is because of the heat expected later in the day. When the weather cools off we will shoot the 75 yard match after the 50 yard match much like the 25 meter and 100 meter match. Registration starting around 7 am and ending at 7:30. Match starting at 8 am. Practice starting as soon as possible. Practice will proceed in 15 minute increments with the line going cold to allow arriving shooters to join in the practice. The 50 yard match will be run the same as in the past (3 - 25 bull targets 20 minutes per 25) or you can shoot the 75 yard target which will be the same as the EBR (Extreme Bench Rest). The only difference on the 75 yard event is you will follow the timing which the 50 yard match follows. This means you will have 3 twenty minute increments to shoot 4 shots per bull, 16 bulls on a single target (64 shots total) with 4 sighter targets at the bottom. During the cease fires you may go check your targets but there is to be no scoring until you have either finished your 64 shots (should you finish before the cease fires) or the three twenty minute relays are finished and the final cease fire is called. Also see Target Page for a copy of a single 75 yard target should you want to print out and practice. See you Sunday!

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