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Small Bore Range Etiquette Reminder

Recently, the Board of Directors at Rio Salado have brought up concerns about Members shooting on the High Power, Small Bore, and other ranges.

Recently the range has seen individuals shooting on the HP and SB ranges that seem to have lost their understanding of the rules and safety precautions.

This is not specifically directed to our Division, or any specific individuals within our division.

The Division Directors have been asked to communicate with their Division shooters these reminders:

  • Rio Safety Rules

  • Visit the HP rule list HERE for review. Most airgun shooters are not checked off to shoot this range.

  • When shooting at the range you are checked off on, you are REQUIRED to check in at the Public Range Office and sign in before shooting on the range.

  • You are required to wear your Rio badge at all times. If you do not have your badge, you may not be able to check in to use the range.

  • Do NOT shoot items down range that are not targets.

  • Rio Salado will be increasing patrols with a higher profile on the HP, SB, and other ranges with greater frequency. It is your responsibility to make sure you are in compliance with the rules at all times.

  • Rio Salado Range Officers will begin issuing warning citations for non compliance to the rules. Frequent warning citations will lead to revocation of range and/or possible club membership privileges.

  • The Board has informed the Divisions that the ranges that you are checked off on, are to be used for training and recreational purposes, for matches specifically related to the Division you are checked off from.

  • Be sure to return your bench to behind the yellow line after practicing or shooting. Clean your target stand and return to little shed.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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