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Nationals Intel

Hey Y'all,

Last year at the nationals in Oxnard there were issues with the height of some wind flags in relation to the benches, and target height. You will need to place your flag stands lower than the line of sight from the bench to the target. The area where you place your flags in oxnard, is much shallower than what we are used to here at Rio. There, it is flat. At Rio, the ground drops significantly, thereby necessitating your flags to be taller.

After communicating with Joe, he reported the following heights...

Bench Height: 34 3/4" high

Target Stand bottom: 31"

Just a reminder, that your flags need to be below the height from the bench to the target.

WRABF Rules: "No higher than the level of the bench top to the bottom of the target", and no electronic wind measuring devices.


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